Financial analysis

Market analysis

Financial consulting

Financial analysis

Whenever you are in a position of doing business with other companies, either merging with them, purchasing them or starting a partnership with them, one needs a thourough check of the decisions that are being made. CompanyWall strive towards transparency in order to achieve business safety. Our international economic experts and analysis software offer you overall assessment as well as revision of other companies.

Market analysis

Market analysis is very important while entering new markets with certain products or services. Every market is very specific in its needs and seeks different approach. It is important to collect all possible information and data in order to ensure your success. Thus you need experts experienced in foreign markets. Our team is specialised in all major markets around.

Financial consulting

Sometimes one needs a business plan in order to apply for the EU funds such as Horizon 2020 or start up a new business project that requires additional investments. Together we will present your product or service in the best possible way supplemented by detailed financial structure and plan. We believe that together we can launch your product on the market and convince investors to support your project. We also offer tax counselling for various markets to ensure that you achieve the most out of your business within the selected market.




More Hanjin ships seized, as freight rates surge and cargo owners fret

Hanjin Shipping vessels have been seized at Chinese ports in the wake of the South Korean firm's collapse, further roiling the industry as freight rates jump and manufacturers scramble for alternatives.Seeking to contain the fallout, a South Korean court said it would soon begin proceedings to rehab

US to blame for trade talks failure: French minister

U.S. protectionism is being blamed by French and German government ministers for important free trade talks between the U.S. and the European Union teetering on the brink of collapse. "Those who are protectionist are Americans, Europe is very open," Matthias Fekl, France's Minister of State for Fore

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